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In Singapore, termites are commonly often called “White Ants”. They can be the most feared pest in Singapore mainly because on a yearly basis they offer harm to Homes by feeding on cellulose located in Wooden and wood by-merchandise. These damages can volume to 1000s of dollars to get fixed, in addition to partaking the expert services of a specialist termite Management crew for termite remedy.

At times termites also execute “exploratory feeding”, which brings about damage to PVC casings and electrical copper wiring. Consequently, damaged roofs, ceilings, wall-panel buildings and home furniture must get replaced.

Typically, the damages due to termites are only detected in a later phase which ends up in pricey repairs, annoyance and stress. That's why, picking a termite inspection as soon as indications of an infestation are existing is critical to retaining the damages at bay.

Baiting Procedure For Termite Removing
A thorough termite inspection are going to be performed for the entire premises. All active subterranean termites uncovered are going to be handled with Higher than-Ground Baits with close checking each individual two weeks until finally Qualified Non-Energetic.

The target of termite baiting is to put a meals resource which contains toxicants. Foraging termites that discover the baits will take in and share the meals made up of the toxicant with their nest mate which include QUEEN and KING via a course of action referred to as trophallaxis. Termite elimination will acquire approximately 2-twelve months according to the measurement of the colony, normally among six-8 weeks.

Termite Spot Procedure
An intensive termite inspection will be performed for the entire premises. All Lively subterranean termites observed is going to be taken care of with insecticide powder on the trails for short-expression termite control making use of Ceptiva Powder – The Termite Eliminator.

The termite treatment powder made up of a dose of toxicant is acquired by termites in the next usually means:

by immediate software.
mouth to mouth feeding
grooming behaviour
during the fix and restorations of incised tunnels or opening on infested parts
by means of contamination of termite physique by passing in the taken care of tunnels or infested Wooden.

Corrective Cure for Termites at Home (Landed Property)
A thorough termite inspection of the overall premises is executed by our termite control enterprise to discover the infestation spots. Termiticide dust treatment method is going to be applied for the recognized infested area. A detector is used to Identify places made up of cables and pipes just before the drilling. 8mm diameter holes within 300mm intervals. five litres of termiticide Remedy is utilized by tension into Every drilled gap. Holes will likely be patched with granite and water resistant cement to seal up.

Corrective Therapy for Termites at your house (Apartment)
That is a termite procedure Option exclusively created to protect and Command damages due to subterranean termites in apartment households. It includes the remedy of Wooden in contact with ground joints or concrete walls utilizing a termiticide Remedy. Our greatest termite Manage methods will guarantee your apartment is absolutely free from termites when the complete cure approach finishes.

A radical termite inspection of the overall premise is done to determine infested locations. Termiticide dust is applied to infested areas. Drilling of 2mm diameter holes in 450 to 600mm intervals will be carried out alongside wood skirting boards, door and window frames along with driving cabinet bases. Termiticide Resolution is applied by tension into Just about every drilled hole. Holes will probably be patched and crammed with coloured picket fillers.

Roof Termite Treatment method
The work includes finishing up blanket spraying to wood rafters with the roof ceiling structures utilizing a termiticide solution. Two layers of blanket spraying will be carried out to improve the protection of your Wooden versus possible damages which might be because of subterranean termites.

Soil Termite Remedy
This termite procedure solution is mainly installed over the pre-development period that entails producing an anti-termite barrier beneath the realm where a constructing is to be made. Termiticides are applied right before concrete slabs are laid on the bottom, to stop damages which might be caused by subterranean termites.

Termite Detection working with Termatrac T3i
This one of a kind termite detection radar sends out radar via the commonest wall products that locate and track the presence of termites, without the require for tapping or drilling holes during the partitions for straightforward and exact termite therapy.

Detects motion in or driving most surfaces
Can be used to detect termites in tough-to-achieve spots
Reads motion on the PDA up to twenty yards clear of the resource
Permits exact termite cure
Eliminates the necessity for write-up-inspection repairs
Extra eco-friendly as fewer substances need to have to be used.

Termite Detection making use of PestClinic Thermography Inspection Program
This technique is a powerful and non-invasive tool featuring large-resolution thermography and prolonged-vary night time vision. It displays and diagnoses the affliction on the constructing buildings and pest infestation.

This process permits the inspector to, in result “See” and “Go through” through making walls, floorboards and ceilings, uncovering hidden problems that will go undetected in a standard visual inspection.

Non-Call and Non-Invasive Termite Handle Procedure
Give complete picture of the specific situation we can't see with our naked eyes
Recognize & pinpoint the problems
Detect several targets from 500m to 1500m
Fast & actual-time
Preserve precious time & revenue

Common Termite Species
one. Subterranean Termites
Subterranean termites, one of the most infamous and harmful insect’s wood pest in Asia, are recognized by their scientific name coptotermes gestroi. They are effective at severely damaging a family’s most prized asset of their abode and inflict a lot of dollars’ worth of injury each and every year. Subterranean termites dwell in underground colonies and have castes that happen to be chargeable for precise colony duties. The caste system is produced up of three courses – swarmers, troopers, and staff.

Food stuff source
Subterranean termites ingest anything at all with cellulose and fibre from Wooden, which includes plant products and solutions, cardboard, and paper. Though lifeless trees are their Main foodstuff resource, termites will commence attacking setting up structures if the land is cleared due to human intervention and also homes that happen to be built. Termites can enter homes and properties by means of timber sitting down on soil and setting up tunnels (mud tubes in foundations). They can also simply infiltrate as a result of foundational openings or cracks.

As they will need moist options to outlive, subterranean termites assemble their mud tubes to succeed in their meals sources and defend their colonies from predators. To satisfy this will need, even so, they commonly Create their nests in or close to the bottom, skirting in close proximity to windows, rest room doorway frames, and kitchen sinks. They also continue to keep their link into the soil by tunnelling by way of Wooden or mud tubes on the bottom. In some cases, these termites can build tunnels by way of concrete cracks.

Everyday, the subterranean termite queens breed and lay eggs. The male will perish following the mating. Termite queens lay an enormous variety of eggs, usually concerning 11 million eggs per year, and may lay a hundred sixty five million eggs in their life time. Reproductive ladies and males within the swarmer caste are despatched outside the house in the spring to breed and set up new colonies.

2. Drywood Termites
Also known as Kalotermitidae, drywood termites are the second most damaging termite pest driving subterranean kinds due to their decreased moisture wants and skill to dwell completely within Wooden. They aim timber that is definitely at present getting used and lifeless wood on living trees. However, drywood termites are much tougher to remove simply because, as opposed to subterranean termites, they cannot be lured. In addition, it can be impossible to use bait to deal with them likewise.

Food stuff Supply
Drywood termites devour equally hardwood and Wooden that has been eaten alongside and across the grain in an effort to attain their sustenance from the cellulose from the Wooden. On top of that, they eat designed-in cupboards, wood skirting, and door frames.

Drywood termites only inhabit sound, dry Wooden, like doorframes, antique wood, and picket cupboards, which serve as a foods supply and colony web-site. The likelihood of a drywood termite infestation is frequently very significant must the Wooden not be handled. These termites may perhaps obtain each of the humidity they involve within the wood they devour and their metabolic processes; So, they do not will need to establish a soil Speak to. Drywood termites are well protected from the setting and predators by living inside of their food items provide, which also can make it exceedingly complicated to seek out them.

Most important (winged alates) and substitute (wingless, not seriously sclerotized) are the two main different types of reproductives. Substitute reproductives stay in the colony wherever they were made, Whilst swarmers proceed to find new colonies. The many mating, in addition to egg-laying that takes put inside a drywood termite colony, are performed by reproductives.

Soon after alates land, they tend to twist off their wings, look for a mate, and burrow into an appropriate place in the Wooden like constructed-in cabinets, doorway frames and picket skirting, by which they might then mate. These alates (swarmers) whose wings have broken off are termed dealates. After which, it takes quite a few months ahead of the eggs hatch.

3. Dampwood Termites
Dampwood termites prosper in incredibly moist areas and feed and reside in incredibly moist Wooden, significantly in fallen trees, stumps, tree shrubs, and while in the backyard space. Thus, they get their name as a result of reality that they are often viewed and feed on wood with humidity, like singapore termite inspection damp wood and decaying timber.

Dampwood termites tend not to build shelter tubes, in distinction for the subterranean termite species. This is due to The truth that dampwood termites usually do not require any soil Speak to. Furthermore, they only eat moist woods or woods with high dampness information. As a result, their colonies tend to be made of Wooden.

Food items source
All termites’ key foodstuff resource is cellulose existing in Wooden, that's why, dampwood termites are likely to feed on wood elements kept in the vicinity of drinking water or woods in immediate connection with soil. As their identify suggests, dampwood termites commonly take in moist Wooden-like moist or decaying Wooden.

Dampwood termites typically infest damp Wooden which is currently decomposing, as their name suggests. They are also regarded to infest buildings with significant dampness amounts or fungus due to drainage issues, ventilation difficulties, or plumbing leaks.

In addition, too much humidity which could Construct up in wall cavities due to old, leaf-clogged gutters, can attract dampwood termites.

Effectively, these termites never nest inside the soil but fairly reside Within the wood constructions These are consuming.

A dampwood termite colony is set up by a set of winged swarmers. They locate an appropriate bit of wood and subsequently produce a chamber in it. The first 12 months, they only lay a couple of eggs. Despite the fact that colonies are usually very small, dampwood termite colonies can easily develop appreciably under the suitable situations.

Out of the three termite species, subterranean termites account for about ninety% of termite actions in Singapore.

PestClinic – Experienced and Trustworthy Termite Command Products and services in Singapore
Termites can be tough to eradicate; PestClinic understands this. Aerosol pesticide spraying can only eliminate worker and soldier termites which might be scavenging outside of their nest. Regretably, you happen to be not likely to exterminate the remaining customers of your colony being a experienced termite nest generally contains one million occupants. If anything, the damage will go on unabated right until it is just too late for those who as an alternative compel them to resurface someplace you are struggling to detect their existence.

For residential, industrial, and business structures in Singapore, rest assured that PestClinic comes equipped with the most beneficial termite Management products and services.

The knowledgeable crew at PestClinic can most effective handle species-certain termite pest Command as we focus on the infestation’s root trigger. For lengthy-term safety, we advise to termite-proof your assets which has a barrier of termiticide round the making’s framework to help keep termites out. In any case, the most effective defence towards termites continues to be prevention.

Termite problems producing hurt? Retain the services of us now to remove them effectively and forever with PestClinic’s Termite Remedies! For more info, get in touch with us at +65 6397 5677, or deliver us an electronic mail at [email protected]

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